No More Natural World

There is no longer a separate natural world. This is true conceptually and physically. Conceptually there is no longer any excuse for making such a distinction. Physically, human intervention and human-forced destruction, have spread throughout the non-human world and become so pervasive as to have nullified any distinction.

We are all natural. There is no more nature.

This equation has a result. Multiplying by zero leads us to a null result.

3 Replies to “No More Natural World”

  1. We were never been separate from nature until T.V and national Georaphic and Custeu etc created a terrarium view of nature. We can physically isolate ourselves from the natural, by living where nature finds herself destitute(i.e. the cities), but the natural effect on ourselves becomes an abberation. Mankind,himself, becomes a disease organizm, injurring ,parisitizing, overwhelming and killing all that is natural. We and our efluence spread out across this wonderous blue planet like some amoebic
    ooze and we have the audacity to think that it all ends with us.We may crap in our own nest, ruin this place for ourselves and much of life as we’ve known it, but nature will survive us!

    1. Nature will survive us, and there may be great epochs of life ahead. Let us hope so!

      But during a time scale sensible to us within a single human lifetime, we have gone from a natural world bitten around the edges to one that has no unaltered spaces left.

      We need to be aware of this. Too many still hold a delusion that so long as those T.V. documentaries are able to fill a frame with the semblance of abundance and pristine wilderness that what we do to this world has no drastic effects. So long as the “city” appears to “protect” us from what we fear from nature we continue to choose destruction over life.

      1. We destroy what we don’t understand. As we recklessly savage the planet, wresting from it all that can be mined from her bones, we are completely ignorant of her hands around our throats.

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