Defining Power


Power is energy focused through human action to attempt to achieve control:

Control is the effort to attain assurance:

Assurance that my Will be done. That the results of wielding power will get me what I want.

The assumptions behind and within this view are incoherent at every step.

Incoherence brought about by wielding power manifests as violence:

Violence is the breaking of the whole in the attempt to dominate the whole from within a fragment.

This violence is distinct from the play of energy within the cosmos.

Other forms of vigorous action; elements of the cycles of creation and destruction by which the whole continues to move from implicit to explicit; may tear, but they do not break, the whole.

To use Ivan Illich’s language,

Violence is the outcome of Sin:

A willful Failure to Attend to the moment. A refusal of the Practice of Friendship.


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