Further notes on Craft, a Point of Departure…

  The trouble with talking about Craft is that everyone thinks they already know what it is. Let’s take a deep breath and set all those assumptions aside. Easier said than done. To begin, here’s some of what Craft is not: Backward Anachronistic, and therefore not a viable way to proceed.

Reading Form

A pillar of a vital culture is an active interplay between the forms people use and the meanings they contain. A definite point on the road of collapse has been passed when these distinctions are lost. This happens in both directions. People lose track of what things mean to them and those who make things …

Built to Last

The reflex to innovate, the reductio ad absurdum of the logic of making changes, is thrashing us. As with anything worth talking about it’s hard to get across just how deep the trouble goes. How far it has spread.

From Windmills to Wind Turbines, and Back to Windmills

Let’s get one thing clear. Wind Turbines are not an alternative, appropriate technology. They are the last gasp of all the arrogance behind business-as-usual. They take the violence hidden in the mine, the oil well, behind power plant walls; and set it defiantly against the sky. They present the form of whirling knife blades, or …

Uncivilization and Uncertainty

What does this have to do with Design? Anyone who’s stuck with my idiosyncrasies this far must have some sense of why I include this here. If design is the practice of drawing distinctions so that physical interventions can be made in this world, then there is nothing more fundamental than mapping-out a place from where these distinctions can be made. As we lose the luxury of irresponsibility about what we call forth, it is imperative that we spend significant effort looking deeply at the wellsprings for future action. For me, that takes me back again and again to the threads and currents surrounding the Dark Mountain Project and the people who make up this loose constellation of thinkers, writers, doers and makers.